I honestly don’t know why I would know you were being. In this same article and thread of comments, there are far wackier assertions, as is the case in any climate discussion.

Anyway, distrust in institutions is a big problem. Academia and scientists generally fare well in surveys of trust. That may be because trust in government and business is so low, but scientists do ok in those surveys. You’re incorrect that a ‘large portion of the public’ doesn’t believe the science — polls are very clear that globally, support for the basic conclusions of climate science is very high, and it’s well over 50% in the U.S., and now over 50% amongst Republicans. I’ve seen a significant shift in how the business community talks about these issues as well.

Adviser, author, speaker on how businesses can (profitably) solve the world's mega-challenges. Author: The Big Pivot & Green to Gold http://www.andrewwinston.com

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