Louis, I’m not sure why you feel the need for personal attacks, or what I said that was “completely dishonest”. And I don’t know where I said we should always spend, no matter what. In your original reply, you expressed an opinion that there’s tons of waste — which i didn’t refute. If I missed a nuance in your reply, that could be because I was reading many quickly and yours was long. But all I did was point out what our budget really looks like (85% non-discretionary) and asked where you would cut. From your response, I’d say you would suggest the military budget. In that we agree. We spend many billions we don’t need to on some things even the Pentagon didn’t ask for (like the F-35).

The final point I’ll make, and then I won’t be responding to you again…it’s easy to say ‘keep the money closer in the States’. Ok, but is that always more efficient? Do we want 50 social security administrations, or 50 Medicares? If you don’t want government providing any of those services (like income or health insurance for the elderly), that’s a different conversation, and brings me back to the original point of this whole thing — people like Grover Norquist, by suggesting 1–2% is the right tax rate, are telling us how much they want those services to be a part of our society.

Adviser, author, speaker on how businesses can (profitably) solve the world's mega-challenges. Author: The Big Pivot & Green to Gold http://www.andrewwinston.com

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