Where the GOP’s Tax Extremism Comes From

Conservative* leaders like Grover Norquist want to basically eliminate taxes and government

Life in about 1774
Grover Norquist offers an idea on taxes
  • An air traffic system moving 2.5 million people across 29 million square miles of airspace…every day.
  • A vast energy grid and power system, owned and operated by a complex combination of public and private entities.
  • Thousands of public hospitals with MRIs, CT-Scans, and countless treatments and medications that were not even imaginable in the age of bloodletting and leeches.
  • A standing military with millions of people and thousands of tanks, aircraft carriers, stealth bombers, and nuclear weapons
  • Thousands of local police and fire departments with modern equipment and pensions and benefits for our public safety workers
  • Large-scale water and sewage systems
  • Regulatory bodies with the stated goal of ensuring the ongoing safety of thousands of drugs, millions of consumer products, and billions of pounds of food (we each eat a literal ton of food every year)
  • Health insurance and financial assistance (yes, a safety net) for the poor, elderly, and temporarily out of work to ensure they have some basic level of well-being

Modern, developed countries tax about 40 to 50% of income. (← Click to tweet!)

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